X, Y,… fancy Z

I’ve hacked together a frame for the laser-and-hand-cut X,Y stages. These are screw driven for now. Initially I tried to get away with just 2 bearings per rod but it didn’t constrain the axes well enough so I added some ply bushings (a variation on Prusa’s). I’m awaiting motors to test them properly but they move freely. In the meantime while rummaging around I found a nice professional stage which I’m going to use for the z-axis. It has 127 mm of travel which is plenty to print the prusa parts.

I’m going to use the Sliced Wades Geared Extruder – I’ve modified it slightly for 3.5 mm play and laser cut it out. Its just taped together in the image for the moment… awaiting bearings, motor etc and I need to hobb a bolt and laser cut the gears.

I’m also going to put some mirrors to redirect my laser beam and pop in a lens and see how it works as a crude laser cutter. A post holder for the lens is visible in the image – mirror mounts to be added.


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