git da motor runnin

Mounted the x-axis motor and figured out and set theoretical steps/mm value in the firmware for a leadscrew driven axis (afterwards I found that Josef Prusa has a calculator for this purpose). I’ve only pushed the pololu driver to 25% current so far and it runs at >8 mm/s, going to higher values and steps are missed. I have an old (broken) ATX supply which I intend salvaging the fan from. Hopefully a fan-cooled, higher current pololu driver will get to higher speeds but if not, I’m happy enough, otherwise I can try cutting and mounting some heatsinks but I dont have any adhesive…

I’ve also hobbed an M8 bolt and assembled the Sliced Wade’s Geared Extruder. It seems to be working fine although it hasn’t been tested with a hot-end attached. Both X and E will need calibration.

Currently working on mounting the y-axis motor. Hoping to complete that tomorrow and the z-axis the following day. Then its on to the hot-end assembly. One thing that might be an issue is that the aluminium printbed I received isn’t flat. I’ve emailed the vendor but no response yet…


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