y z?

Laser cut some mounts for the y and z axes yesterday and glued them up. Tested them today and y works fine but I haven’t pushed it beyond 8 mm/s.

Z, however, is more troublesome. At 1 mm/s the gear came off the motor spindle (it had been wood-glued on like the others). It seems the professional stage is quite a bit harder to move than my homemade ones! I oiled the leadscrew to free it up a bit but I suspect that there may be too much mass supported by the stage and there is a cantilever action due to the mirrors I added which probably isn’t helping.

I’ve re-glued the gear onto the spindle. I’ll try it again tomorrow and if it fails again I’ll cut off all but the extruder from the z-axis to reduce weight and cantilever effects…

Still no response from the overworked aluminium printbed vendor (who supplied me loads of other cool, working stuff). So today I got some dibond material for the heated printbed from a signmaker in a nearby town, thanks guys. So I hope to get that running once I’ve got the hotend working.


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