my repstrap’s first printout!

In the past few days I’ve tested the hotend (pla is melting nicely from 200 degrees C upwards) and I’m happy enough with that. I’ve also installed and leveled the dibond bed – this post has good pointers to help. I’ve setup the opto-endstops and I have a build envelope of  approx 195x135x100. I’ll post photos in a few days.  At the end of all that today, I managed to print a small 10 mm cube (designed in 3 seconds in openscad):

This was printed onto kapton tape (heated bed not yet setup) and obviously theres plenty of fun optimisation to be done…. but its nice to finally print a solid object 8)

Printer settings were mostly Araspitfire’s with a feed rate of 5, flow rate of 10 and max z speed of 2 (all mm/s I believe) as I didn’t want to push things too hard just yet (i have heatsinks to bond to the pololu drivers for doing that!).


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