Extruder problems

While trying to get things optimised I discovered a more annoying problem – lack of repeatability! Nice prints sometimes…. horrible at other times with same parameters. Tension in the spool seemed to have an effect – lots of slack gave nice prints but slight tension and there were lots of voids. The extruder was stripping the filament at these times also. Some of the folks on IRC recommended trying springs as per a standard Wade’s so I’ve modified the extruder to allow this at there seems to be a lot of variation in the filament I’m using. I’ve also re-hobbed the bolt while I had the chance.

Here’s an extreme example of the voids:

Normally in this Sliced Wade’s Geared Extruder there are two pieces that push on the idler but are then locked in position. I’ve spring loaded these instead of fixing them:

Back to optimisation, hopefully….


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