more extruder trouble

Just as I seemed to be getting good prints I started to get a lot of failed prints. Basically the extruder wasn’t able to take in filament if there was any tension holding it back so I had to babysit quite a lot and ensure there was slack filament. It seems that the springs I attached a few weeks back weren’t quite up to the job (I had robbed them from pens!). So I’ve gotten hold of some meatier ones. With the help of varying sized washers I’ve put them in place and compressed them a little…

This means that the filament is forced further onto the hobbed bolt which bites in more and has better grip. Hopefully this has solved the issue for once and for all as I’ve started printing out the Prusa parts.

The frame vertex on the left was done @ 7 mm/s, 0.25 layer height (with babysitting!). The other parts (with the spring mods) @ 13 mm/s, 0.25 layer height. 13 mm/s is a nice step forward but is the limit on the leadscrew stages and is still very time consuming!


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