Prusa Mendel up and running

After almost 3 weeks of printing the parts using my Repstrap I’ve finally got a RepRap! 13 mm/s was the top speed of the repstrap, limited by the leadscrews…. the Prusa will be limited by the extruders ability to keep up but I’ve been printing at 30 mm/s for now as 50 mm/s was a little sparse and any faster and its difficult to see whats happening (I’m used to slow prints remember!) .

I’ve also printed out an Accessible Wade’s Extruder by GregFrost to replace the plywood extruder.

Here is the printer…

and the extruder…

So its back to some optimising…. happy days.

Recently I bought a micro SD card reader from Kliment (hes always in #reprap irc channel), so when I’ve the skeinforge settings under control I’ll upload his firmware and print from SD which will make life easier for my rusty old pc.


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